My job is to help you capture the beauty of your projects through filmmaking and photography. I am Simeon Janssens, a worldwide filmmaker and photographer born in Brussels, Belgium. 

How did I get there ?

When I was a child, I used to draw a lot, everywhere. Then, once, my dad came home with a camera he'd bought for family use... And I'd use it all the time. I was around 12 years old, and I'd make videos out of every family trip.

Since then, drawing and filming have always been in my activities. I went to Namur to learn about 2D animation, storytelling, compositing, photography, storyboarding, graphic design and illustration. I learned how to master different softwares such as Adobe's Creative Suite.

Alongside my studies, I began to work as a freelance filmmaker, creating private event aftermovies, short films, wedding videos, music videos, and public events videos. Combining both my studies and freelance projects allowed me to create an interesting network on which I could rely once I graduated ; clients such as Peignoir&Panda, As You Wish and Hopen. At my art school I met talented people that became friends and occasional colleagues. To mention a few : the crazy filmmaker and choreographer Onivisuals, the webdesigner and appdesigner Jeremy Coel and Fyrosand, brilliant music composer. 

I've also enjoyed playing music for more than 10 years now. I've played in several small bands as a composer, keyboardist and drummer. Being sensitive to music helps me today to choose the right music for each video, giving an unique vibe to every single project. 


Why filmmaking & photography ?

Some people express themselves best through words. For me, it's always been through still and moving pictures. It was, and still is my best way to communicate.

Also, filmmaking and photography allow me to tell stories and recall people that there is beauty in every little thing in life.

What about now ?

I'm currently living and working in Brussels and in France near Lille, doing corporate and lifestyle videos, music videos and photoshootings.

Everytime I travel, I make travel films. Travelling is a great way to jump off the track and try different things, because each country has its culture and unique traditions.

Something I really enjoy in my job is that it allows me to (re-)discover places, businesses, music and visions.

Let's tell stories together !
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